Understanding Geocoding of Address under GST

In this article, we will discuss the importance of geocoding addresses under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime in India. Geocoding refers to the process of converting an address into geographic coordinates that can be used for location-based analysis.

Why is Geocoding of Address Important under GST?

Under GST, businesses are required to file returns that include their place of business, the location of their customers, and the place of supply. Geocoding plays a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy of this information.

By geocoding addresses, businesses can accurately determine the location of their customers and suppliers, which is important for determining the place of supply. This helps in calculating the correct GST rates and also ensures that businesses comply with the requirements of the GST regime.

In addition, geocoding also helps in identifying the tax jurisdiction of a particular business. This is important for businesses operating in multiple tax jurisdictions as they need to comply with the regulations of each jurisdiction.

How do Geocode Addresses under GST?

Geocoding of addresses can be done using various software and tools. Some of the popular tools used for geocoding include Google Maps API, OpenStreetMap, and ESRI.

To geocode an address, businesses need to enter the address details into the software or tool, which then converts the address into geographic coordinates. These coordinates can then be used for location-based analysis.

It's important to ensure that the address details entered are accurate to get the correct coordinates. Inaccurate or incomplete addresses can result in incorrect geocoding, which can have implications for GST compliance.


In conclusion, geocoding of addresses plays a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy of information required for GST compliance. By accurately determining the location of customers and suppliers, businesses can calculate the correct GST rates and comply with the requirements of the GST regime. Using the right software and tools can help businesses geocode addresses accurately and efficiently.