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A partnership is easy to form since no complex business formalities are required to be performed. Partnership registration is not mandatory and is at the option of the partners whether they want to register the documents or not.

Two or more parties come together with a formal agreement (known as Partnership Deed) to own and manage the business. The risk and responsibilities are shared amongst the partners that shared the burden of an individual partner. Also, when two comes together, more capital and expertise are combined that helps to reach the business goal(s) easily.

There are 3 Important Factors under partnership firm registration -

Partnership Deed on Stamp Paper (Registration Optional)
GST Registration, PAN & TAN of the Partnership
Registration under other acts like the MSME Act 2006.

Steps Taken to Register a Partnership Firm

  • First Choose a Partnership Firm Name.
  • Create a Partnership Agreement or Deed with the help of Efiletax Experts.
  • Take Printout of the deed on stamp & sign by all the partners 
  • Email us your Deed Scanned Copy and Apply for the PAN & TAN.
  • Get PAN & TAN Acknowledgement via Email from us.
  • In the next few days, you will get the partnership firm e-Pan card to an email later pan physical copy from the department.
  • Apply for the MSME Registration with the help of Efiletax experts.
  • Get MSME Certificate and other legal agreements on your email with a complete package from us.
  • Just open a current bank account based on Deed & PAN +TAN+MSME and start your business.

Documents Required

Only Scanned Copies are needed,

ID Proof:
Scanned copy of PAN Card of all Partners

Address Proof :
Aadhar card/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License(anyone)

Latest passport size photograph

Registered Office Proof: 
No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner, Utility bill (should not be older than two months) and Rental agreement (in case of rented property)/ Registry Proof or House Tax Receipt (in case of owned property)

Our Packages at a Glance

Choose your package


4800 /-

(* All Inclusive)
  • Partnership Drafted by Lawyer
  • PAN Card
  • GST Registration
  • Udyog Aadhaar (MSME/SSI)
  • Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (Application)
  • Udyog Aadhaar Registration Certificate


6400 /-

(* All Inclusive)

Basic Includes


3 Months GST Return filings


14000 /-

(* All Inclusive)

Standard Includes


12 Months GST Returns Filing

Register With Us

CA/CS Assisted Service

What do you get?

Partnership deed: 
Explains the partners power and objective of the business

Pan Card:
You will receive the Epan card In registered Email ID

Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number.

MSME Certificate: 
Udyog aadhar Certificate

GST Certificate: 
GSTIN number and Certificate (If applicable)

FAQs On Private Limited Company

1. What is a Partnership Firm?

A Partnership is where two or more persons join hands to carry out a business for profit. The partners become business owners and carry out operations governed by the partnership deed. The regulations are least and it makes it a desirable option for businesses having joint owners. However, in a partnership firm, the partners are jointly and individually liable for the debts of the firm. This form of structure is ideal if there are the number of less requirement of external funds and low risk of bad debts for example consultancy firms.

2. Why Partnership Firm is Unregistered Legal Entity?

A partnership firm is registered under the partnership act only with the Registrar of firms. but after the introduction of LLP Registration in India, most of the people don’t register the partnership firm with the Registrar of Firms due to expensive cost.

But below are some disadvantages not to register with the Registrar of firms?
You can’t file a case against any partner or firm.
You can’t file a case against any third party.
Can’t avail the power to claim set off.

3. I have to present physically during this process?


4. What are the requirements to become a partner in a partnership firm?

Only Indian resident persons are allowed for the partnership firm. if you have any foreign partner then you can go with the Private Limited company only

5. What are the annual compliance or yearly maintenance for the partnership firm?

Only 3 annual compliance for the partnership firm – 

  •  Business Partnership Income Tax Return
  •  Personal Income Tax Return  
  •  Business GST Return Filing 

6. Will my Partnership firm have a registration certificate?

No, You will get the MSME Certificate Only for the legal entity proof regarding the partnership firm registration. We do not deal with the registrar of the firm's certificate even it's optional and very expensive for the same.

7. Partnership Deed Registration is Compulsory or Optional?

Partnership Deed Registration with Registrar of firms is an optional activity. to discuss above its very expensive so always ignore the same.

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