About Payroll Services

Payroll is the total of all gain a business must pay to its employees for a set period or on a given date. Whether you are a one-man-band, new start-up, mid-sized business, or large corporate, we have a flexible payroll solution for your business.

Payroll errors can happen quicker than you think. For a minute, think about the employees for whom monthly salary is the only source of income. Guess what if the salary is not paid correctly or there is a delay in clearing salary. Such variations can take a fee on the spirit of the employees and eventually affect the business productivity.

While assuring correct and timely payment of salary is essential, adhering to the various laws and regulations such as labour law, PF, PT and other lawful compliance is also critical. Non-adherence with these laws can bring severe legal and financial consequences.

To make sure that your employees are comfortable and you are law compliant, you need to have a decent understanding of what payroll is and how to run payroll effectively. We will start with the basics of payroll.

Best Suitable

  • Any Business who has just started operations
  • In the initial few years of service/trading of business
  • Businesses having a maximum of 10 employees
  • Mid-sized companies having less than 50 employees
  • SME
  • Large Business
  • Businesses having high employee number up to a maximum of 100

How its done

  • Purchase the Package
  • Monthly pay scale details of all employees
  • Payslips for all employees, PT returns and TDS (24Q) compliances done 
  • Form 16 at the end of the year

Documents To Be Submitted

The documents needed shall depend on the service you need at a particular point in time. The same shall be communicated to you by our experts based on your requirements.

Our Packages at a Glance

Choose your package


12000 /-

(* All Inclusive)
  • Monthly payroll for maximum 10 employees
  • Monthly payslips
  • TDS, PT return
  • Form 16 for the year


18000 /-

(* All Inclusive)
  • Monthly payroll for a maximum of 50 employees
  • Monthly payslips
  • TDS, PT return
  • Form 16 for the year


48000 /-

(* All Inclusive)
  • Monthly payroll for a maximum of 100 employees
  • Payroll Management
  • Leave Management
  • Expense Claim Management
  • TDS, PT, PF return
  • Form 16 for the year

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FAQs On Payroll Solutions

1. Why should I consider pay?

Some of the benefits of payroll outsourcing are:

1.Access to the experience of experts

2.No need to hire a full-time employee

3. You no longer need staff cover when one of your payroll employees is on sick leave, holidays or in case of other absences

4.Confidentiality and security of your payroll data.

5. You reduce the time spent on routine and repetitive tasks.

Through outsourcing, your Payroll becomes easy and you can enjoy the peace of mind from knowing that the salaries are always paid correctly and in time.

2. I have only a few employees. Am I too small to outsource payroll?

We deliver payroll services for any size of the company, from one to several thousands of employees. Regardless of size, we can create a payroll service especially for you, at a competitive price. You pay only for what you need and have the flexibility to adapt as your business grows.

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